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Hi Lorie, my name is Spencer Griffin with Arkansas Life magazine and we are putting together our Designer Profiles section. I was hoping you might be able to help me out by answering some questions so that I can write the article, unless you had something in mind that you would like to submit. Let me know if you will be able to do this. I will put the questions below and please try to be as specific as possible. Also, we will need a photo to go along with the article, so let me know when a good day and time would be for us to send a photographer to the area or you can send us a photo. Thank you so much!
Name: Lorie Akins
Title: Flooring Design Specialist
Business name: Shop at Home, a division of C&F Flooring and Rug Gallery
Business address: 2206 Cantrell Road, LR AR 72202
Business phone: 501-399-9909 Showroom,
Business website:
Other contact information:

What services do you offer that are unique or exclusive? We offer an in-home flooring design service that will benefit clients who need help choosing the best flooring for their home. Some clients find it overwhelming and exhausting to visit a showroom with such a plethora of choices. This simplifies the process, limits products to their specific budget, color scheme, unique in-home lighting, and other needs.

What makes C&F Flooring and Rug Gallery a special design company? C&F Flooring is one of the only flooring companies in Arkansas that offers something for everyone, from the most expensive and exclusive flooring to the most economical.

What sets you guys apart? Service! We strive to provide the best products, prices, and world class service on every job.

What aspects of your customer service are unique or special? Our staff excels at product knowledge. No one person can know everything, but together our experienced staff can cover any flooring topic that may arise.

What role does your staff play in your success and how? At C&F, we’re a team. The support staff is equally as important as the front line sales staff and the installers who make it happen.

Does the company do anything to give back to the community? If so, how does it give back? One of the biggest ways we give back to the community is through the Habitat for Humanity’s Resale Store, donating thousands of dollars worth of flooring.

How long has C&F Flooring and Rug Gallery been in business and how did it get its start? Fred Auger started C&F Flooring 19 years ago this month. He founded the company on a shoe string budget and lots of hard work.

How has the business changed over time? C&F was originally focused on multi-family housing projects in the late 90’s, but through targeted growth it now serves Little Rock’s top designers and most exclusive residential clients, as well as working on some of the top construction projects in the city. Shop at Home is our latest undertaking.

Has C&F Flooring and Rug Gallery added any recent improvements? We continue to focus on keeping our showroom stocked with the finest flooring in the world, educating our staff and now with the Shop at Home service, we can offer another exciting way to shop for flooring.

Could you tell me little more about your Shop at Home division? (What is it, how does it work, etc.)

What do you hope to get out of the Shop at Home division? We hope to expand our very loyal customer base. Our showroom cannot be open 120 hours per week. With the mobile showroom, we can be available at hours that suit our clients.

Has the company received any other recent awards or distinctions? We’ve been voted best flooring store in Arkansas in several publications over the years. We are always thrilled that our clients take the time to vote for us! We chuckle when we hear about other flooring stores stuffing the ballot box : )

What is the company's philosophy or mission? We don’t want to be the biggest; we want to be the best.

Is there anything special people may not know about your business? It is unusual in our industry to do next day installations, but we’ve been doing this for years! We will continue to this service to our shop at home clientele.

Is there anything else you would like to add? Our goal is to make what can be a taxing chore, as easy and seamless as possible.